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Timeline of the O-Train

October 2000 - work commences on upgrading the following lines in preparation for introduction of light rail operation:

 Ellwood subdivision between mile 0.00 and mile 4.99
 Prescott subdivision between mile 4.90 and mile 8.17
-  tie replacement as needed along the entire route.
-  removal of 1 km of passing track north of Gladstone in order to obtain rail for track rehabilitation and passing track.
-  will be replacing worn rail as needed.
-  reballasting.
- assembly of a turnout just north of the Somerset Street bridge, to be lifted into place for the Bayview Station spur.
- installation of switches and the siding at Carleton

November 2000 - work commences on rebuilding the bridge over the Sawmill Creek.  Steel piles are put to replace the wooden ones.

November 24, 2000 - The Canadian Transportation Agency issues a certificate of fitness to Capital Rail in Decision No. 745-R-2000 which permits the construction and improvements of a line to operate commuter services in Ontario and Quebec on the two sections of line above and also on the Walkley Line between the junction with the Ellwood subdivision and the CP locomotive shop in Walkley Yard.

December, 2000 - extensions to the CP Walkley shop are completed.  This includes:

- extension of both the locomotive and car shop with a tent to allow for the longer trains.
- connecting a storage track for the third train south of the shops to the east end approach track.
- security fencing around the yards.
January 8, 2001 - work starts on the stations at:
- Carling ( for widening of rock cuts and ditchwork, as well as an elevator shaft).
- Greenboro (to install pedestrian overbridge from Transitway Station to trackside).
January 18, 2001 - The three Talent BR643 railcars arrive at Shed #48,at the Logistical Terminal in Port of Montreal, at 08:00 on the vessel "Federal Trader".

 February 4, 2001 - The Talent BR643 railcars arrive in Ottawa early morning having been moved from Montreal by CN.  Ottawa Central RS-18u's 1838, 1842 and 1865 forwarded the equipment to the shop in Walkley Yard.

April 12 2001 - The Capital Railway comes into existence, owned by the City of Ottawa, it leases the CPR Ellwood subdivision and the North Prescott spur, as well as part of Walkley Yard.

October 15, 2001 - Service starts between Greenboro and Bayview.

2002, January 1 - fare paying starts.  before passengers travelled free.

June 7-22, 2003 - O Train service is suspended for necessary track upgrades, including the laying of new continuously welded rail are carried out.

August 31, 2003 - O Train service is improved by increasing frequency from three trips an hour to four an hour. This is possible because of the higher speeds from the June improvements.

 2004, September 24 - The O Train makes a demonstration run from Ottawa to Carp and return.  Carp is on the line built by the Ottawa, Arnprior and the Parry Sound Railway.


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